Nobody’s Going to Live your Life for You

Nobody's Going to Live your Life for You

Nobody’s going to live your life. No one else is in charge of accomplishing your dreams or getting you to where you want to be.

Live your fucken life because no one is coming to live it for you.

Live with some sort of responsibility and respect for yourself.

You own that body. Fuck shit up with it.

Live your fucken life.

“Put a dent in the Universe” – Steve Jobs



  1. You can’t please everyone.. If you don’t like the word fuck, cool. Be on your way. No need to tell someone how they should write, especially on their own blog lol.

    I personally enjoyed the whole post.


    1. Thanks so much for the fucken support B11. :p

      I don’t like rules. Any of them always feel restricting.

      Call me immature.

      But I guess this is an 18+ blog then.

      Hide ya kids :p

      1. Hahaha! This literally made me laugh out loud when I checked my email this morning. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife. Lol.
        I just find it amusing that people feel the need to impose their personal beliefs and preferences on other people (on their own blog no less lol). And usually in the name of spirituality. Yet one of the goals of spirituality (in my very own opinion of course) is to let people be who they are, let them walk whatever path they choose, and appreciate things for what they are and not how we think they “should be.” But that’s just crazy talk! Haha 😉 Have a good day!

        1. Thanks so much man you’re the best

          1. Damn I better change my profile picture…(do I look like a man in that picture?!) LOL. Have a good one!

          2. Haha, I didn’t actually check. :p

  2. Wow…great way to start the your fucken life, put a dent in it. I attend a channel in Sonoma CA (via internet), one of the groups she channel often says fuck. They say it to shake us up, to make us sit up instead of lightly snoozing. Gotta know when to use the F bomb eh. A F bomb under my bum to move me.

  3. Smart eBook Shop · · Reply

    Slow down pal, we all have to live our life responsibly. We are custodian of the body and the spirit like we are avoid to say, we will give account. We owe it to our self to live life responsibly.

    1. To be honest, I think we live too responsibly. We are over 7 billion now. We can afford to be a little reckless.

  4. Oh…I think you were speaking with passion….your title drew me to this posting! Love the title!

  5. Hi! You express yourself clearly…from reading the other comments…I always do—curiosity gets the best of me! LOL——I understand your reasoning for the expletives—it is YOU and how you speak—-
    Thanks for your follow! and hope we can continue to be friends across the blog sphere

  6. amen to that brother!

  7. You’re on to some great stuff here mate. Don’t drown it out by expletives–your wisdom is in your words. Appreciate the journey you’re on! Praying you find Truth and His revelation. p

    1. No one’s drowning anything.

  8. hey there – thanks for the follow – keep writing, and stay faithful to who you are

  9. Thanks for the follow. You’re certainly honest and honesty is always good.

  10. Thanks for following my blog! Continue to write and express your feelings. Life can be a dream that becomes reality! God bless you.

  11. Amen to .’cohencycles’
    Good flow interrupted by Profanity,
    I think you can do far much better justice to your Thoughts.

    1. I’ll keep it in mind. Like I said, my goal was to write as if I we’re talking to a friend, and this is how I speak and am most understood. If the majority of my audience is offended or if it takes away from the message than I’ll can it.

      1. I am not offended,
        You have very nice flow and the flow, as I said, earlier, gets choked, while reading.
        As you know poetry is expression of the essence of feelings.
        It, then, relates to the Heart of the Readers.
        Keep on writing the way you feel,unfettered by comments, including mine.

  12. good insight, but not enhanced by the use of the F bomb… your writing does not require the F bomb to be relevant. IMHO, lose the F bomb and trust your writing skills….

    1. I appreciate your suggestion, but I try to be as honest as possible in my writing, because that makes for the best expression. I am not forcing it. I do trust my writing. Thank you anyways though!

  13. Bless Diva · · Reply

    Thanks for following. Leave a dent! 🙂

  14. How else is the world going to remember you if you dont leave a dent. I love it

    1. Awesome! I love that.

  15. Hey !!! I GET THIS STUFF. Following you now. Thanks for your interest in my blog. “You own that body. Fuck shit up with it.”

    Brilliant !!!

  16. Welcome. I look forward to reading more from you.

  17. Put a dent in the universe? Oh yes, i can go with that 🙂

  18. Thanks for visiting and following my blog, oh fellow new-blogger! Hope we can chat sometime!

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