Night Time Allows Us To Break The Charade

Night Time Allows Us To Break The Charade

Night time is awesome because it allows us to be the animals that we really are.

Deep down, we’re just beasts that really don’t give a fuck.
And at night time, we’re free to be just that.

And we can all just blame it on the ah ah-ah-ah ah-al-co-hol, even though we actually always want to be this way.

At nighttime, I’m allowed to go up to a girl and blatantly ask her if she wants to have sex with me in the ocean. And she’s allowed to say yes and then go fuck me, and we can both pretend like we were drunk and don’t know what got into us.

But it’s all pretend. It’s all an act. We both always actually wanted to do these things.

During the day, we play the societal game by the rules.
But at night, we go fucken off. Cause you have to punch out of the clock at some point.

Sometimes you just have to go H.A.M.

Weed is similar in the sense that it allows you to freely speak about things you’d otherwise be too shy to express, because “it’s just stoner talk.”

But when we’re high together, everyone’s allowed to think and speak about these ideas with no judgment.

And these high talks lead to some of the most insightful, character building talks you can ever have.

Unfortunately, we all stay in line with society for way too long, and ignore most of what we really want to do, and how we really want to be.

And it results in wasting most of our lives.

We’re all pussies who play pretend, but we don’t need to be.

The Truth is, that you’re allowed to speak and think and act however the fuck you want to all the time.

You don’t need society’s permission to be yourself.

Living in a socially accepted way is allowing someone else’s idea of how you should live become how you actually live.

Be yourself all the time and others around you will feed off of it and feel free to be themselves too.

And soon, by doing just that, we’ll all be able to finally end this useless charade.

I’ve been myself to the tee in this book, and I think it might have allowed me to create a masterpiece.

What is being yourself going allow you to do?

The Truth You Always Knew
In Stores Fall 2013



  1. Oh sorry, I changed my name, but I’m still the same person as before… haha

  2. Yes – oh to fuck in the ocean, washed free of the calcified construction of self, left only with the disembodied sensations of bestial human connection. The trick is understanding how to maintain the momentum of novelty without attachment and complacency… perhaps the reason we have constructed social normality is to amplify the exhilaration of breaking free.

    1. Wow that is a fucking interesting thought. But I think it’s a stretch. I don’t need rules to know what feeling free is. I think the other animals are born free, and they aren’t even aware of it, because they never knew anything else. I actually think it’s constructed so that we get things done, and don’t get distracted by our beastily urges. Also why we wear clothing. If Steve Jobs was distracted and having sex all the time, I don’t think we’d have the iPhone. :p

      1. Hahah you’re right – we would probably just end up with a tottering army of miniature Steve Jobs’s running around bark huts poking each other with sticks…

        Boredom may well have been the thing that sprung us from our bestial origins in order to explore our consciousness, and in so doing, we have (inadvertently perhaps) created a social mechanism to enjoy our creations. Truly great creations are made by those who understand how to escape and connect to the raw nothingness of pure freedom – art (in any form), I believe, is the tangible bridge between our social construction and that magical place of nothingness.

        I wonder if that is what you mean by “I don’t need rules to know what feeling free is.” – because I would wholeheartedly agree. That extra-ordinary freedom surpasses all other “naughty” blasts (although very fun) out of social constriction, and was surely the thing keeping Steve Jobs’ wiener out of the cavernous depths of of primal intoxication.

        1. hahah Steve Job’s was so influential, we’re talking about his wiener on a spirtual blog. Reminds me of when Dave Chapelle said Mr. Clinton is so famous, you suck his dick and you become famous. hahaha

  3. I totally love your blog!

    1. Great! I’m happy to hear that!

  4. I like that you ask ‘the’ question… It seems you are awake. If only to lift the veil one can see, our quest is to cut out the middle man.

  5. I think balance is the way to go, and that isn’t placing judgement on any preference on might have, nor am I say I remain in balance. I’m curious about the background on your blog. Where did you get that artwork? It’s cool.

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