Multitasking Is Impossible: Focus Deeply On The Task At Hand

Several studies have repeatedly proven that multitasking is impossible.

Your brain can only truly focus on one thing at a time. And so it’s monumentally important that you direct all of your energy and concentration on the task at hand.

When you’re doing your work, be in the moment fully, and soon, it’ll no longer feel like work.

To do great work, you need great focus.

You need to muster all the energy in your brain and laser beam it all towards that one, single task.

Ignore all the noise and the distractions around you and really start to dig in.

Embody it. Own it. Want it.

And soon, you’ll find that your work will become enjoyable. It’ll become fun.

You’ll feel powerful. Like you’re in control.

No longer at affect, but imposing you’re ways.

You’ll become commander in chief.

And your work will become whatever you want it to.

Everything will be going as you wish, and it will all feel effortless.

And after a few days, when you’re taking a little break from creating your masterpiece, you’ll suddenly realize that after years of slaving over your work, staying in the moment has made the work become a slave, to you.

Your work and your life will start obeying their master’s every command.

You can have it all, right now.

It just takes a sickening, locked in focus.

Go get it.



  1. For me, it is only possible to be doing one thing at a time. Many things are in progress around that one thing, but I only say yes to a specific action, one at a time, however close the yes may be to the next.
    Also thanks for the follow.

  2. Well, it’s definitely hard not to multitask when you’re a mom of two little kids. However, it’s definitely much better being able to focus and concentrate on just one thing at a time. To clear your mind and focus on what you’re doing right now and to be fully aware of what is going on around you. Then you are able to give 100% to your task at hand and, in return, the outcome will be so much better. blessings.

  3. I totally agree with this. Well said!

  4. oK, i get it…but you obviously haven’t met my wife,

  5. I like this, but I have to disagree as well. I end up with some of my best work when I’m multitasking. You simply have to learn to engage with it correctly. For me, multitasking is part of my thought process. While it may seem like I’m doing several different things, really I’m doing several different things that relate and it is important that they evolve together both in my mind and in reality. Usually, I will start out by multitasking and end with one project that involves all of the disparate projects.

    1. Whatever works for you. I’m all for custom made solutions and originality

  6. Funny I read this post, the other day I was on Yahoo an article by the title something like what makes people dumb, and some university made a study which revealed that if you´re multitasking you obviously are concentrated in two things so you can´t be as `perfect´ in any of the two, but if you focus on one thing that is the center of your universe at that time thereby being more effective. Stay Frosty always interesting read.

  7. Amen to this. Multitasking is hard and inefficient. It’s also a hard habit to break. Thanks for the reminder that it’s NECESSARY.

  8. Thank you for verifying what I’ve discovered through experience: very few tasks can be combined and completed successfully. I thought it was just me and my one-track mind!

    P.S. Thank you for stopping by From the Inside Out. I’m delighted that you find the posts meaningful, and have become a follower.

  9. this is a great post…..beautifully put…thanx for following my blog.Hope to c more of ur posts.

  10. angie32 · · Reply

    I always tend to take up multiple tasks at a time. Albeit I mostly end up completing them before the deadline, I do not enjoy focusing on all of them at the same time. But the fact that I am able to complete them before the deadline gives me a kind of satisfaction. But the problem is that I work in total tension , not relaxed at all – so the end result is that I am half satisfied, half unsatisfied. Its so confusing. What should I do?

    1. Break them up int your own individual deadlines and tackle them separately, so that they will all be done by the actual deadline? That’s what I would do.

      Or take on less work.

  11. Do you practice Buddhism professionally? Most of your work is quite inspiring but I was confused by the profanity in your Night Time article. Either way, great work! You seem to be on the same wavelength as many enlightened speakers I watch on YouTube.

    1. I am in no way a professional. My goal is to simply effectively express certain truths I believe to have found and to share them with others in the hopes that it will positively affect their lives. Sometimes I’m profane, but I’d rather be myself than to act in a way that is more likeable.

  12. So true, multitasking should be left to computer processors 🙂

  13. Mr. Scade · · Reply

    “Animation is concentration” is an openning phrase in Richard WIlliam’s book Animator Survival Kit. And it is so true. Animating with music may be the only thing you can hope to do, if you do not like the silence. But even the music may distract you and break your work-flow. Nothing better than to focus, for multi tasking is a bane.

  14. Thank you for following my blog. I enjoyed reading your post on being focused and aware with our intentions and actions. Great insight. Great reminder.

  15. austriaal · · Reply

    In a time where I’m studying for my honours in Psychology, half arsedly reading an article or two with 10 tabs open, music playing and not feeling that comfortable without, this is especially relevant. Thank you.

  16. To live extraordinarly is to live in the moment, full focused, having all your senses synchronized in harmony at the same moment.
    Stay off the intoxicating substances: The pills, the drugs, the alcohol, the nicotine, the globs of glucose, the array of crap fast food, the bombardment of caffeinated products. All they do is drum us down to a rudimentary state of existence and perceptibility; they hinder our ability to focus and create the masterpieces of our lives. Thank you for the uplifting post, it was superb!

    1. Awesome glad it was able to inspire! And I agree to live extraordinarily is to live in the moment fully focused, but I disagree about staying away from caffeine and drugs. Some drugs offer useful insight, and I don’t think I could function without my Redbull and coffees ! But to each their own I guess!

  17. you’re so right, but it’s so hard to follow the advice nevertheless. i’m actually avoiding studying for a test right now. on another note, i like your writing style–check out my blog at for some similarly styled posts!

  18. Yes, focus, being in flow. The one thing that yoga, writing and dancing has taught me. If my mind is somewhere else, I would just lose it. Thank you for the reminder 😀

  19. Roxie the Outlaw · · Reply

    Wise words. Thanks for the pep talk!

  20. Yes couldn’t agree more

  21. Love the line : “Embody it. Own it.”

  22. I’m one of those people who considered myself a multi-tasker not too long ago. I’ve come to realize that it is variety that I love. For me it’s now about devoting all of my energy to one task until I need a break and moving to the next for an allotted time then coming back to the other, perhaps the next day, and looking at it with refreshed eyes and mind again. Make sense?

  23. Absolutely agree with this post.

    When I always find mistakes I’ve done at work it shocks me & know that they happen when I
    try to do two things at once. It’s a bad habit & I have to consciously stop myself from doing it. My multi-tasking habit is talking on the phone while typing – neither can be done well because I am engaging in communication about two different topics! I have to always remind myself that work will be there tomorrow….

    Thanks for the visit and the like 🙂 Happy Sunday!


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