There’s Less Competition At The Top

Take this book for example.

I’m sure there are millions upon millions of books that are so much better than this.

You just haven’t written them yet.

And so I, by actually taking the time to sit down and write this out, am automatically beating all of those unwritten books.

It’s a no contest. You didn’t even show up to the fight.

I was walking down the street the other day with a really pretty girl I had met that night, and we we’re about to grab a bite at a burger shop, and a really tall, good looking drunk guy, called me out and shouted “Hey mate! Punching above your weight class tonight huh!”

I just smiled and thought to myself, “At least I’m in a fight buddy.”

And I won the fight that night by the way.

You see, if you move yourself to a different playing field, you’ll find that the competition at the top is weaker than the competition at the bottom.

So many people are trying to grab the low hanging fruit that it’s actually easier to just climb up one extra branch and pick up the fruit at the top.

When you actually start living your life with purpose, you start to realize that barely anyone else around you is even trying.

You look around and you feel like there’s no one else even here.

It’s all so easy.

Once you realize that, you’ll see how much you’ve been keeping yourself from your dreams with your own made up rules and limitations.

Your limitations aren’t real, yet they really do keep you from where you want to be. And because of it, we live in a world where uninspired garbage can actually become popular and successful.

Think about how many low quality products and art actually make money.

We go to the movies and watch crap because “there’s nothing else to watch.”

Think about that for a second. It really shouldn’t be that way.

Incredibly unintelligent people are killing it and are becoming fantastically rich, because no one else is even trying.

With that being said however, they still do deserve it, because it’s just there for the taking, and they just decided to go and take it.

You can too.

If everyone at least tried to express their passionate ideas, and if everyone at least tried to overcome their ridiculously irrational fear of failing, we could all just start doing what we we’re thinking about doing, and life in general would be a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

The world could be full of fantastic, awesome, and insanely great things. It’s already filled with all of us. We just have to unlock our potential and set it free.

I just needed time alone, with my own thoughts. Got treasures in my mind but couldn’t open my own vault.

-Kanye West

We all have treasures in our minds. Some of us have more than others, and some of our treasures are truly ground breaking and revolutionary, but we all have these treasures deep inside of us.

Our sole purpose is to share them with the world.

Share your greatness and enlighten us.

If you realize this and actually start doing it, you’ll begin to feel incredibly fulfilled.

But if you hold it in, and convince yourself that your treasures aren’t good enough, then you’ll live a life full of anxiety, depression, worries and regret.

Just do it. No one can stop you. Because there’s no one here.

So dream, and dream big, but don’t dream too much, because then you’ll becoming addicting to dreaming without ever actually doing anything.

And despite what some people will have you believe, absolutely nothing in your life will change with positive thoughts alone. You need positive actions.


 “It isn’t enough to think outside the box. Thinking is passive. Get used to acting outside the box.”

-Tim Ferriss

Real dreamers do.


  1. interesting

  2. This blog is awesome! I look forward to reading the next article.

  3. Great intention! With such spirit with no doubt you will write this book!
    Good motivation thanks!

  4. Right on the money, I always said do´t be afraid to fail, don´t be afraid to make decisions cause you´ll get stuck, you have to, have to keep on pushing. God advice you make in these posts. The name of the post…I like it, stands out. Stay frosty.

  5. nicolebahare · · Reply

    I love this.

  6. jdeangelis79 · · Reply

    great inspiring advice

  7. Loved the concluding quote…

  8. When helping people to find new jobs – I always suggest that they aim higher rather than lower since they will find less competition there. I like your idea

  9. This is awesome…

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