Our Universe Is An Idea That Does Not Yet Exist

Our Universe Is An Idea That Does Not Yet Exist

The post in writing:

I think our Universe might be an idea that does not yet exist.

And we’re trying to decide what makes the most sense for us to be, given what we know.

And then, as we learn more, we’ll become another idea, or state for the Universe, which makes more sense to be.

“Wait. So you’re saying our entire, real, physical Universe is just an intangible thought?”

It could be. I’m just saying, things get real weird, wacky and fuzzy when you zoom straight into them. Physical and touching are relative concepts. Nothingness and infinity don’t make sense.

And I mean, what else explodes into existence out of nothing, expands infinitely and is bounded by nothing?

Sounds a look like a thought to me…



  1. If you accept the Heidelberg interpretation of quantum mechanics, the universe is being brought into existence by the act of observing it, yet observers are brought into existence by the universe.

    So the universe is really an idea in the process of thinking itself.

  2. Its all just a waking dream

  3. Mond blowing! Thanks for following btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The Toa that can be explained is not the real Toa. Jack quoting Lao tzu.

  5. In my book (Logos) the universe was conceived in the mind of the Logos. Do you understand the mind of the Logos? I thought not. But when you understand that you can travel from Sirius to Earth in 7 days you will realise that the universe exists but in a form, a reality that we do not understand. Yet! Love, David

    1. I don’t think anyone can “understand” the mind of the Logos… IT can only be experienced!!

  6. Yes, the Universe is an idea, and it is a thought in “our mind”, that we created when we thought we separated from The One Mind of God (All That Is, Source, etc.). Since “we” are all-powerful beings, it is very simple for us to “hallucinate” this reality into existence… and, we are in the process of awakening from the dream of separation. See you on the flip side!!

    check my blog for a more detailed, but incomplete explanation: http://fmcola.wordpress.com/

  7. There is a school of thought that believes the Universe is unfolding as we observe and think upon it – – That the answers are created as we think of the question….
    All interesting stuff…

    1. That’s awesome! If we are the Universe, and our actions shape the future, and our thoughts shape our actions, then our thoughts shape the Universe, and so the Universe will become what we (The Universe) want it to become.

      Just like you personally become what you want to become in your own life.

      There are certain rules in how the Universe operates which are separate and independent of Life, but I still think Life is an extension of the Universe. Sorry to go on rambling there! But thanks for the comment!

      1. No problem on the answer length (I do that too!) Such a thought provoking topic, how can you discuss in 3 words or less? LOL

        I think about Einsteins theory that nothing exists unless it is observed and measured – that is so true of our spiritual life and makes sense for the Universe – – if I refuse to acknowledge the beauty and joy about me today, then, for me, it might as well not exist…

  8. Wow. A very interesting read.
    This link http://wp.me/p3i2IZ-Z7 belongs to a different context entirely, but hope you like it.

  9. Ohhhh, this is the type of stuff I like to read over breakfast! Coffee with a side of metaphysics, yes please!

    ‘Physical’ and ‘touching’ as we perceive the terms are not real. A person’s perception of what is tangible would probably unravel if they realised they had never actually touched anything or anyone.

    Here is a link for you on perception.

  10. Love the way you think

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