How To Write A Book

How To Write A Book (and do mostly anything)

Start and you’ll figure it out.

Don’t stop until it’s finished and you’ll have written yourself a book.



  1. Part 2: How to write a good book:

    Take Hemingway’s advice: sit over a typewriter and bleed.

    1. I like that as well. I think a lot about how the invention of the computer has allowed for editing, and has taken away from this “let it bleed” aspect of writing, which is a pity. But when I write comments, I don’t edit, so here, you’re getting some fresh blooooooooooooooooooooood 😉

  2. Louise Taylor · · Reply

    When asked (rarely) I tell people to write for the pleasure of it. I started a diary of a holiday which turned into a novel, just because I loved the writing. Now I write blogs 😉

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