What am I if not The Universe?

What am I if not the Universe?

If I am everything that I consume, in terms of actual food and food for thought, how can I ever be anything other than the Universe that I live in?

I am the Universe.

I am limited only by the understanding of myself.

I create my Universe and my reality by doing.

We are Gods of near infinite power.

There are only some rules we still need to play by in this physical Universe, which we did not create.

But soon, we will overcome them too.

We will one day totally be and do as we wish.

That is the ultimate fate of Life in the Universe as we know it.



  1. The only thing that separates us from the rest of creation is the fact that we THINK that we are separate. Everything is everything. Everything is one thing. We are but varied manifestations of Source energy. Most of us only view the world through the veil of human perception which leads us to believe that the universe is made up of discernible, separate entities. When we learn to see beyond our senses we will know the true meaning of Oneness.

    1. Couldn’t agree more.

    2. Very true… in fact, you are the Awareness of that which is being, doing and having….

  2. i love you.
    thank you.
    if i do turn into energy…ill swing your way and turn back your meter 🙂

  3. i dont think you realize that i agree completely …i have a background in physics …and am obsessed with things i know, have seen, that are happen today.
    my religion is physics.
    i am energy.
    the problem hers is in less than three months i will be dead …truth,
    and im pissed because i know that they can treat me but its deemed “unethical” by our friends at the fda .
    so yeah i hope that this goes quickly because i am in hell….and cant wait to be energy…to be free…
    i understood everything you said.
    you however miss took me.and im really pissy currently because im in pain and full of regret because ive failed as a time theif…see my journal…and my decaying brain is causing me to see everything in yellow.
    if i wanted to see yellow id stare directly into the sun.

    1. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy ever last moment and do whatever the fuck you want. Don’t worry about pissing anyone off and don’t care what anyone thinks. No one call tell you anything. You’re awesome. Enjoy the ride

  4. if be we did create this universe you mean our one celled ancestors from the primordial soup than ok.
    we can create our reality…but the universe is a beautiful incomprehensible being our brains can not comprehend.
    can you comprehend the vastness of space..and time and how they weave together? maybe im just dumb because im fascinated but can not comprehend.

    this is beautiful …is the universe influenced by us ..our thoughts as we become them and nourish our bodies…..im not sure ..i love this in that my greatest desire right now in space and time is to overcome these rules i did not create.

    1. So here’s what it is. We’re not sure what created the Universe, but I am sure that ultimately, Life’s only desire is to learn off the Universe, to harness it’s powers for it’s own benefit, and to ultimately make the Universe whatever we want to make it. Right now I’m typing on a keyboard made of plastic and metal, using a computer and all this technology that did not exist before we made it it exist. It is made of nothing more and nothing less than the Universe. As Life continues to grow more powerful throughout the Universe, we will one day be able to control it all, independent of any original rules and obstacles it once had in front of us. Also, we do everything with our thoughts. I think, then I do. Soon, we’ll really tap into the power of our minds, and control things with our minds. When you think of anything, there are real electric impulses flowing between your neurons. We can just intercept that electricity, and send the signal wherever we want. Example: Think of turning the light on, and it turns on. That’s really not that far off. Couple that up with how infinitely powerful we can become when we achieve World Peace, and it’s clear to see that one day, Life will control the entire Universe with thought alone. We will be Gods, but we already are. 😉

  5. Well, actually, we did create this universe… and we still are creating it…. it’s time to become conscious of how we are doing it so we create the one we really want… PEACE

    1. I agree totally. I truly believe our generation can see World Peace. I really don’t think it’s out of reach. It’s only alluding us because we believe it to be out of reach, but it actually isn’t.

  6. Not in the universe, but the universe herself. Beautiful.

  7. Very intriguing and intellectual perspective. I love this, thank you for sharing.

  8. I am, not what I consume , but what I believe. Love, David

    1. why would you want to believe that?! LOL

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