The Universe Is A Quilt We Are Knitting With Our Minds

We all have immeasurable power to change the outcome of our lives, and thus the outcome of our entire Universe.

We are all free to do whatever we want. We are only limited by our ambition.

But if I could make my reality whatever I want it to be, and you can do the same thing with yours, then who has the final say?

Is it my dream or yours that is ultimately deciding our fate?

The answer is both of them.

Our shared Universe is the superposition of all of our individual manifestations, meshing together like a masterpiece built in Photoshop, where each of us is responsible for our own single layer.

Each of these layers intertwine and fit together perfectly.

Some of the layers are more outstanding and others are more profound, but each one of us is knitting the quilt of the Universe.

The more Awake and Aware you are, the more yarn you get to use.

But unfortunately, not all of us realize the power we possess to change our own lives.

They call us dreamers, but we are not the ones asleep.



  1. and the “knitting pattern” grows like a chaos theory pattern, or, like the snowflake pattern (same thing) – every single thought and action of ours impacts the pattern, throughout the universe. YOU MATTER, WE ALL MATTER, everything we do matters:

  2. Hi,

    Here’s an award for you, for the person you are, and the things you share with the world

    Thank you for that..

  3. There is something in this, something magical and yet dangerous. How do you deal with the danger?

    1. It deals with itself. Life has no time for evil because evil is inefficient and unsustainable. There’s nothing to worry about

  4. I love this. Thank you so much

  5. Epic šŸ™‚

  6. That was enjoyable. All snuggly in my quilt, knitting away.

  7. There is enormous power inbuilt in us if only will know how to harness it. Mind Mapping is a technique that has been used through the centuries from the Ancient Greeks.

    It is used in many areas including presentations, research, planning and problem solving. Now, you can use this powerful technique to fulfill your everyday needs as well as overcoming challenges presented by the occasional unique problem. Harness the great power hidden with us.

  8. well said and very timely for me this morning – thank you!

  9. I-am-you-are-me! May I add you as a personal link on my blog page? Is there something for us to connect on? I’m sensing something…I will meditate on that. Let me know what comes through you. šŸ™‚

    1. You can do whatever you like šŸ˜‰

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