The Universe Is Play- Doh

The Universe is Play-Doh and it’s saying “Create Me.”

So don’t just put a dent in it.

Make it beautiful and have some fun.



  1. Your blog is amazing! Can’t believe I just came upon it today 🙂 brilliant talent of putting thoughts into words… A talent few come to master. Brava.

  2. I am going to have some fun today 🙂 thank you! I am going to re-post your quote!

  3. Haha this made me laugh 🙂

  4. Sometimes we have to stop a moment and bring our busy heads up to look at this beauty of what we are creating together with all the other kind beautiful souls.

    1. That was beautifully put you beautiful soul you :p

  5. Good quote, you better create your world and work on it everyday to improve it in all aspects because if not your just a passer by waiting for the MAN up there to invite you in. Gotta live every day of your life with passion and hard work, and giggle to yourself, live it up. If I can, and I´m in F up situation making the best out of it, sure others can do the same.

  6. Congratulations my fiend! I have nominated you for the “The Sunshine” Award. Thanks for having such an enjoyable site to share with everyone. I truly enjoy your site and it is my hope that others will do the same. Once again, congratulations!! You can find the information that you need by clicking here…

  7. retweeted … 🙂 brilliant quote 🙂 the one most dreary thing we want to avoid is stagnation …. a lump of play-doh untouched!

  8. Oh and I need to inject fun!

  9. Sometimes I feel helpless in the way things are. Thank you for this important reminder that I create the world I live in and together ‘we’ create a tapestry of the future.

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