You Are A Collection of Electrified Life Sprinkles

“Our bodies’ atoms are traceable to supernova stars that scattered their chemical enrichment across the cosmos, spawning the birth of star systems that contain planets, at least one of them containing Life.”

-Neil deGrasse Tyson

Life’s magic got sprinkled all over the Universe and eventually grew into all the various species we find on our Planet today.

One of those species is the Human.

And one of those Humans is you.

You, my friend, are a star.

Now, stars don’t have time for negativity, so avoid negative people at all costs.

Stay around them for too long and they will eventually make you negative through osmosis.

Get yourself out of shitty situations, because you can’t soar with the eagles if you’re hanging around the chickens.

If you catch yourself being too negative, find some positive people to hang out with.

If you can’t do that, take matters into your own hands and change your charge by changing your perspective.

No matter how grim things may appear, giving positivity a chance will change everything.

Under no circumstances however, should you ever be fake about it, because you will never need to be.

Your Life is always utterly and truly beautiful.

If all this is going over your head, don’t worry…

“When you see it then you’ll understand.”

-Speed of Sound, Coldplay



  1. Aiming to be an eagle…..loved this!

  2. Truly electrical beings. Our hearts and brains are treated medically using equipment that monitors the electrical impulses, not to mention all the aspects of the nervous system. Truly electrical….Thanks for the post.

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