We Are All Electricity


We are electricity and electronics keep us connected.

Because we are only electricity.

Tesla was the last man to understand this, but he didn’t have the Internet.

It’s only normal to believe that we all have the tools to figure this out now.

That’s why they’re there.

They were built by people who subconsciously understood the Truth.

There’s no point to be fighting.

We’re all one family.

We’re all the same thing.

We made it.



  1. The connectivity of the electronic age is uplifting..showing us all how related we are. Those who are fearful of the electronic age seem to be fearful of invasion of their privacy..but is there really any privacy? Great post…Thanks.

  2. Enlightening.

  3. We are all interconnected,sometimes good others bad, a big dysfunctional family a very dysfunctional family, I´ll say it again…na, it´s a crazy. I need the tool I hope the tool doesn´t overtake me.

    1. Don’t worry. It’s easy. There’s nothing to worry about. We already won.

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