The True Law of Attraction

There’s no way to be but exactly how you want to be.

And if you do exactly that you’ll get everything you want to have.

That’s the true law of attraction.



  1. While being NOW the way you WANT to be is certainly the goal, it isn’t always easy for people.

    We are taught we have to please others, that we are not worthy, that we are not good enough.

    Of course these are false teachings, but many of us have absorbed them deep into our psyche. This is one of the reasons people find it challenging to apply the Law of Attraction to bring what they want into their lives. Of course we can, and there are many tools that we can learn to help guide us on that path.

  2. Thanks for sharing some good information about “THE TRUE LAW OF ATTRACTION” And i bookmark your blo get more information about Law of Attraction in soon

    Thanks again

  3. It is the most powerful thing I know. We become what we think about all day. The universe has a way of giving us what we want. If you want happiness, seek and be happy. If you want love, love and be loved.

  4. Well put!
    We get everyting we look for.
    Noone can tell what is actually good or bad for ones development though.
    There is no point in trying to fool the system though. Its impossible. We might as well give up and see our fears straight in the eye.

    1. True. As I finish up the book, I’m trying to get more and more away from imposing my personal beliefs on others lives. My personal belief is that we all should to whatever we want. Which in essence means I believe that you should live as you believe you should live. So that, in a way, is what allows me to write this book without feeling like a jackass :p

      1. ha ha
        Great! I couldnt agree more. I was stuck a while in a hidden belief that made it appear as if I couldnt write, while actually I saw no point in writing, but had the belief that I should. It is always the question itself that is the problem. There are no questions. We can and should act on our impulses, as long as they dont obviously harm others. Why not, is as valid as “why”. “How” is the question to avoid. 🙂
        So, you wrote a book? About what? Do you give public talks or consultations as well?
        I am currently unemployed. Finished with my Master diploma. Have not got a clue… We will see where this journey goes next. 😀 Free falling

  5. Thank you, I’ll take this advice!

  6. Actually, that is true. I, also belong to a group who does not know even today that what I want to be. And what to do exactly, to get everything I want to fulfill this law of attraction. Somebody must explain this in plain and simple words to achieve my goals of life. I am seriously ready to accept and welcome all of them.

  7. Being yourself is the best way to attract more of what’s beautiful : )

  8. outdoorsportinggoods · · Reply

    Law of attraction is like the law of gravity . It works 100% of the time. Negatively or positively. It’s up to you. Just be aware of your thoughts

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