Let Your Greatness Happen

You should do whatever you want, at all times, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

If you try to be perfect, you’ll never be anything.

True perfection is freedom.

This type of freedom is attained only with absolutely no judgements towards your own self.

No self judgment means dropping the belief that beauty, perfection, or greatness have any set or predetermined value.

In order to be truly great, you can’t be conscious about it.

As soon as you become conscious about how great you are, you’ll fuck it up.

Your conscious mind is limited.

Your greatness is not.

Get out of your own way, and let the greatness happen.

It’s waiting for you to set it free.



  1. Reblogged… Good words

  2. Such wise words!!

  3. This post totally struck me! How amazing timing can be. I needed to read this at this exact moment to know that everything I’m doing is enough, and I am the only one for whom it matters.

    THANK YOU! : )

  4. Reblogged this on growing in smarts and growing in love and commented:
    Tuesday Thoughts! 🙂

  5. Sometimes we are our greatest opponent and stronger critic. Great post to start the day!

  6. That was pretty perfect!

  7. Awesome piece of truth!

    Well written.

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