Electromagnetic Waves and Gravity

There is something interesting relating to the electromagnetic frequency of your brain, and gravity.

Specifically relating to other living things.

Living things are drawn to you when you’re in this state.

Something to do with your electric charge.

The higher frequency of the electric hum.

There is something special here.

This is something new.

You’ll only believe it when you start to see it for yourself.

You’ll only be able to see it for yourself, when you start to believe it.

Trust. It’s worth it.



  1. You might enjoy this, if you haven’t read it already: The Source Field Investigations: by David Wilcock

  2. This is true! On Saturday I was in a state of bliss while at the park and dogs and children were really drawn to me. It was like nothing I had expereinced before.

    1. I haven’t proved this scientifically, but intuitively it seems right. If we let the electricity that is our thoughts operate at a higher frequency, naturally, living things are drawn to us. It’s only normal. We all want the positive vibes. Be the positivity and everything will take care of itself. It’s exciting where this could potentially go, if the ideas spread like wild fire, which, if it’s all true, they will. Personally, I feel like “if” has been destroyed in my own mind now, because of many instances I have personally recently had, like the one you are describing in your comment. I believe it comes down to the fact that we are all just a loop. We are it and we feed off ourselves. If we keep the momentum going, there’s no where it can’t go. Keep thinking these higher, blissful thoughts, and soon you might be able to see interesting disturbances in electronic equipment near by. It’s exciting stuff. And I’m excited to share it all.

  3. We are so in synchronous. Just started back to school last week and studying Biology and the atoms, cells, etc…. Reading it from this conscious perspective and in wonder. I totally get what you are saying.

    Peace& Love

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