There Is Nothing But Love Here

You just had to accept the love that’s already coming your way.

There is nothing but Love here.



  1. Love, hate, pessimism, optimism all of this, is just the phase and state of mind we might be in. This post will make sense only if you’re ready to look at life with a subjective approach. No?

    1. I’m pretty sure there is only one inherent and objective truth, that we all uniquely perceive through our own individual perception of it. Subjectivity is only a perception on top of objective truth. We’re all in this Universe together. There could only be one underlying Truth. That’s just how I individually see it though.. :p I could be wrong. And that’s what makes the Present Moment perfect.

      1. haha One can fool themselves anywhich way. Point is we just have to make peace with ourselves, our inner demons, so we don’t feel anxious. Isn’t it?

        1. If you can fake it, if that’s even a thing, and it still feels right, then what’s wrong?

  2. There is only love. So if there is war, it means that someone is absent of love.

  3. Yes, this must be repeated over and over again. It must conquer every heart and then there will be peace. But we must realized that, such LOVE, must be extended from within each of us and like a candle, that regardless the darkness, lights the way.

  4. RHalloway · · Reply

    There is nothing but love. But not everyone can see that. It could be the reason why we are not being love in every aspect.

    1. I think there is so much Love coming, that it will soon be impossible not to see

  5. Why are we going to war then. I am so confused today
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    1. That’s a really good question

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