The idea that perfection is impossible is a lie.

The idea that you can attain perfection by consciously trying to attain it is a lie too.



  1. indigovoice82 · · Reply

    The ONLY way for world peace, is to come together to make a stand against those that do not contribute to that idea. They are the few and we are the many. I enjoy reading your posts and thanks for following my blog 🙂 Keep up the great contributions!

    1. You are awesome. Thanks for the encouraging words 🙂

  2. The definition of “perfection”, in the context of the post, would be interesting. What can or cannot be attained consciously is certainly subject for an engaging discussion. If not consciously, then…..what? Subconsciously? The existence of the subconscious is merely an unproven theory that has been accepted as fact. The term “subconscious” often is used (incorrectly) to describe degrees of sensations that exist within our inner structure. However, those sensations are obscured by influences that are in opposition to our spiritual growth. Once we gain the awareness of those sensations, we work with them quite consciously.

    Nice post…. 😉

    1. Wait a second. I agree with you 100%. Why don’t we have World Peace?

      1. Because the dominant influences within the Human Species are egoistic. Peace is not possible when Human Beings attempt to control each other, or Nature. Peace is only possible when we transcend the egoistic influences.

        1. We are humans who are becoming aware they are nature. So this should be coming, no matter what. That’s what it feels like.

          1. It’s not automatic. We have to choose how we are influenced and how we will influence. Nature is a form of governance, not a state of being. The primary form of governance is the direct alignment with the Creating Force. The alignment with the Creating Force is the transcendence of all egoistic domination. We then interact with Nature from a different dimension of awareness. The five senses are completed by the degrees of sensations that operate within the flows of energy the connect all aspects of Creation. We begin to see and function within the dimensions of Truth.

          2. I think choice is a relative point of view. How do you know any choice is ever yours? Could it be that we are it, and that everything we ever do, whether it be “right or wrong” is always what needed to be done? The only thing I know for sure, is that we are all Humans on Planet Earth, in The Universe, and that World Peace is automatically a Win for us All. It only frustrates me that we have not collectively realized this, for World Peace still alludes us. I appreciate your insight. I enjoy reading other point’s of view. I only have a personal problem with judgement. I think we all do. Our individual perspective is real. But our underlying source is the same. We are the Universe, and when we realize it, it opens up to us. The singularity should come when we are ready for it. Doing whatever you want to help that happen is, I think, the only thing we should be doing at this point, because it will enrich all of our lives so much more than we can even consciously understand or envision now. The new thing I’m on now, is exploring reality from this Higher mindset. It effects gravity and time perception and attractiveness towards living things and who knows what else. If I could learn how to harness this new understanding and properly express it, the Unity would be automatic. If you want to beat me to it, please do. This is Heavy Doc. Literally. And it’d be more fun to do this together. I’m going to ignore the consequences for a bit and just try to prove this scientifically.

  3. Tesla had the plans for a perpetual motion machine, but nobody would believe him, so he burned them :O(

    1. Yeah, I’m realizing being not believed is an interesting, and very tasty, thing here. What I think I’ve found, is a power so enormous, that if one person holds it, it can be destructive. If you let the power leak, it should naturally take care of itself. It already is. I just need to stop being afraid about the fact that World Peace, for some reason, scares some people…

    2. If we’re the only ones here, which is inherently true, world peace should be inherently true, but it’s not. If its a win for us all, which it is, I shouldn’t want to to fight for it. There should be no fight for it. We only get what we want, because we are the world. I am worried about the entrapping effects this can have on my personal ego, if we make this about me, even if I prove scientific truths about electromagnetic/gravity/reality on our mind.

      Part of me saying is saying dont right it. I think about the ideas and nature around me acts differently. Not just living things.

      The whole point of this awakening is so that we can be finally free. Finally free to realize we’re all life. Once you let this go, it just is.

      But there are some powerful people in our world that think they are excluded from the collective win that is World Peace, and that is not frightening, but god damn confusing lol

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