You Are The Energy

You are the energy.

You are what you perceive.

You are only where your thoughts are. Physically, this is true and real.

As you expand your consciousness and awareness of daily Life, your interaction and influence within Life naturally expands as well.

If you become more Aware of it, it becomes more Aware of you.

The energy that is your human’s mind literally becomes and extends to what you focus on.

Because you are only ever the Energy of the Universe.

Your mind is able to control and influence more than your own physical body.

Quantum perspectives prove this.

Remember: Our subconscious knew about and how to control/influence quantum states way before we consciously discovered them. This is an important fact to remember throughout the journey of expanding your consciousness.

Nearly everything already is as it is. Realizing this unlocks it’s potential for you.

The potential was always there. It is only the fact that you realized it that literally changes everything.

We are beings growing within the Universe.

Really, all we’ve ever been doing has been expanding and growing our conciousness and awareness towards figuring out what’s already happening anyways.

We are nearly at a point where we’re all about to realize that.

If I look at someone in a certain way, they may begin to think a certain something, and they will then act in a new way.

New relative to if I had not given them that look.

You are more influential than you realize. But once you realize it, you can become more influential.

There seems to be a rule however. You seem to need to want to use your influence for progress and fulfillment. Truly Evil thoughts seem to be impossible. They seem to need a deep internal justification just to be allowed to go on.

Because we’re all on the same team, and we all already know that.

I am not yet sure, but I believe operating in a more Divine mindset requires only a higher frequency setting on the antenna in your mind.

Like growing any other muscle, it takes time to achieve, but it seems to be happening naturally for me now.

This mindset effects gravity.

There is a wobble around you. People begin to stumble near by. Birds and wasps fly near to you. Children and opposite sex as well.

You are simply more attractive to the electricity that is Life.

You can influence other living things greatly in this mindset.

Because this is the Greater Good’s mindset.

Humans are only receivers.

We are not Humans.

We are the Light the Human is focusing on.

We are everyone and everything.

We are the Universe.

The Universe from the perspective of a Human.



  1. beautiful post!! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ for posting..
    Seems like the law of attraction does help us in bumping towards ‘similar minded’ ppl or may be its just the energy that attracts..the more we are aware the more it is in power!!

    Gr8 post.thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. May I give you, A Standing ” OVATION.” So beautifully put. Many do not, as of yet realize “We are the Universe and the Universe is Us. I fair to guess, it is through the religious teachings, but we are. It has all been calculated prior to our arrival. Destiny is our own chosen path. The attractions you mentioned… are all so true. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This is the truth as I perceive it. Love, David

  4. swedenole13 · · Reply

    My belief systems are being reinforced daily! I like your blog.

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