Looking at Life

Don’t be shy to look at Life, and Life won’t be shy to look at you.

It’s always there anyways.

Once you get over it, it’s wide open.



  1. Confidence is my word of reference. If you´re a confident person it means you know who you are where your going and you and only you will get you where you want. You look at life and nothing will intrude in to your own life because your a man with a mission(man with a mission…sounds like a song). Just be happy with who you are knowing your abilities and your limitations do what you love to do for the most part and fuck everything and everybody else. That´s how I roll through life, to cool for school.

  2. It’s like a huge mirror to a vain person :). Look at me, I see me, do you see me? hahahaha. Nice!

    1. Seriously speaking, if you stare at your self in the mirror, until you get to a point where “who is staring at who” and you can get past the freak out stage, and hold on the whole way, you’ll get somewhere profound. It’s all up to us individually. (I think I got to the point where it’s like “ok, so we’re BOTH doing this?” and then you have so much more freedom and power as a person) It sounds crazy, but it’s real 🙂

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