The Journey Of Us All

This is the journey of us all.

We’re all really just playing pretend. We might not have all realized it yet. But that’s ok. Because Humans learn, and evolve, and that’s what we’re doing, no matter which point of view you look at life/reality from.

We should have already won guys. This should already be won.

I’m serious.

Whatever’s in your past, just get over it and fuck what the other humans say.

If we ALL do that together, well all realize we’re all just a bunch of Humans chilling on a rock. And then well say Now what? And then well all be here. Nothing will have changed.

We will only have properly collectively realized it. The evolution is coming anyways. Everything you did in your life was to make the evolution happen.

No matter who you are.

The evolution is a WIN for everyone and everyone’s current perspective of life. It’s just that we all don’t know that yet.

We’re all wasting time.

But we’re winning. Either way.

Were all on the same boat going towards the same point.

We’re all seriously just playing pretend. All of us.

It should be easier than this.

Even easier.

Lets get to the next level already!



  1. indigovoice82 · · Reply

    YES, I too am getting very impatient, as you can see from my own blogging…lol

    BUT at the same time, I am enjoying the experience that is being unfolded everyday. Life is truly amazing like that. However, I have reached a point where I feel that it can become even more amazing with a new direction for humanity. From posts like this, I can see a “quickening” happening and am excited to experience more. Namaste 🙂

    1. This is so wonderful to here 🙂 I share the new direction for Humanity part. I love your New Age post! 😀

  2. Great post…wonderful point of view. I couldnt agree more!

    We are ALL on this rock together and yes we are ALL going to end up at the same points along the evolutionary line time and time again.

    Your post reminds me very much on my perspective of higher power (no I am not a fanatic zealous religious piranha…lol). I am speaking about how there are so many different personal ideas of what higher power or who higher power is that we have forgotten the beauty of it and gotten lost in the game of whose perspectives right and why other perspectives are wrong and blah blah blah.

    In the end game I truly believe that we will all be looking the same thing in the face, or into the same ball of energy or whatever It is. Call it Jehovah, God, Allah, The ALL, call it what you may but we all strive toward the same kind of Nirvana or enlightenment in my opinion.

    I see it like a diamond with many different facets, every different facet makes up the whole diamond but its still all the same diamond when you back up and look at life with a wider perspective than just one facet.

    Your post speaks truth and I find your writing and perspective refreshing in a world that seems stuck at times on the small shit.

    thanks again for sharing your words!!!

  3. This made me giggle a bit. Reminds me of a talk I just had w/a friend. You care about people & you want them to evolve. Some are not ready and some don’t care, the ones that don’t – I tell them “Do it by choice because change, evolution is happening regardless” ……… “Everything you did in your life was to make the evolution happen.” I like that. Namaste

  4. findingmyinnercourage · · Reply

    This Blog is so true, each and every word! I love it!

  5. Sergio, I like the way you think, seeing things in the positive. I recently read a post of gloom and doom and apparently they want to be apart of it, I don’t see it that way. Yes we are, all in this conglomeration together whether we want to be or not. It is inevitable that we will arrive together as ONE.

    1. Pretty much. We just need to consciously realize that together. And that’s going to happen however it has to / is going to happen. We’re all agents of Life doing what we need to do make this happen, whether we even realize that or not. If we all realize it soon, we can make it happen even quicker, and really start having a blast :p It just takes time to get it… And I agree with you that the doom and gloom takes more energy to actually believe then to just let go and see things how they actually are

  6. Sergio, there is so much in this post I agree with. It is indeed the journey of us all, and as you say, we’re in it together. And I think it IS already won, in the sense that our collective win is inevitable. We can’t avoid it- (as you also said). And while we’re trying, we’re wasting time… Here’s to our collective realization of what is coming, and the collective ease it offers! Michael

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