Individual Perspectives Are Important and Beautiful

Do you realize how brilliant you are?

Do you realize how many potential impossibly great ideas are within individually only you?

How no one else but you has seen the world through your eyes?

You are more special than you think. We all are.

Let yourself realize that you deserve to think this way.

No one can stop you because it’s free.

Could we all actually be coming to this realization together?

That’s what it feels like, no matter what anyone does from now one, yet we’ll all always do exactly what we need to do, because we’re all in this together.

Express yourself in every which way you can, because there’s truth inside all of us that’s literally dying to get out, and the quicker we do that, the quicker we can all get to where we’re all getting too.

Make art, speak from your heart and don’t try so hard.

Wake Up no matter what side you view this from, and just go for it.

Doing It Right, Everybody will be dancing…


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