Competition from this point on, seems to be a mistake.

Better to wait until everyone realizes we’re only competing against ourselves.

Human Shit.

We got this shit.

Because it’s our shit.


  1. I get a kick off of competing against others, it´s a drive force and what keeps you on your toes. It would be boring if you wouldn´t have competition, plus apart from boring it will probably make you a too much laid back person, smoking a joint while you gaze at the t.v screen since you probably didn´t have the urge to get back to work or fight for that girl that you like because we are all the same, equal opportunity for everyone. I like this shit, I like shitty when shitty things happen since you can´t avoid them it´s life, you better learn to embrace them and fight them.

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  3. lisaktown · · Reply

    I’m on the fence on this. It’s in flux. A halt to a feeling of competition would mean a halt to evolution. Evolution is what got us to this point and it’s all good. If we were competing just against ourselves, that would mean we were all the same. But we’re all different, which is good, thus the competition. But…I know what you mean philosophically.

    1. No. I don’t mean it philosophically. As life forms we’ve competed to get to this point (the point that feels like it’s literally any month/year now) where we all become smart enough to realize “hey, why are we still killing each other?” And then we can do away with all useless laws and divisions and just operate as a coherent unit (which we already do regardless) Basically, in my opinion, true cut throat competition is on it’s way out, but I agree that it gasses us to get better. It could potentially gas us to our own demise, but I think we’re better than to let that happen. (Life is life, all we do is what it is doing trough us)

      1. lisaktown · · Reply

        I was thinking of friendly competition. I don’t think the urge to kill could biologically be defined as competition. It’s the limbic brain taking over-very primitive evolutionary function. There are certainly remnants of humans that still function according to territory, clan, and tribe, but we’re up-stepping that. I’m not a utopian. I think that slowly we’ll need less laws.

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