The Truth About Reality

It actually changes when you know how it works.

We can all do this. It takes time to learn. But Humans learn and evolve naturally. So it’s always all good no matter what.

Hint: your eyes are both receivers and emitters of electro magnetic energy. (They emit through your brain technically, but technically they receive that way too…)

Hint: you have more influence and power over the Universe around you than you realize, but when you actually realize it, it actually changes everything.

Hint: Focus is the answer to everything in the Universe. It effects your reality in more ways than you may realize. If you are unassuming, the energy will come to you as it wants to, and then you’ll ask yourself “Did I do that or did the Universe do it?” And then you’ll realize that you both did, together.

Hint: We are just a feedback loop. But how choose to let it loop it is up to you.

Choice is real.
Infinity might be real until it isn’t anymore.
Time is real.
Reality becomes more real when you learn how it works.

This what I think I know until I prove that I know it.

Which means I’m gonna have to externalize these ideas somehow.

But we gotta do this right, together. And so some how, we already are.

Coming Soon



  1. Yes- check out, (if you haven’t already) Lynne McTaggart, “The Field”; and David Wilcox. Intention is everything. WG

    1. also, Michael Talbots Holographic universe, and the Tao of Physics…. Reading those two was what sparked The Beginning for me…

      Truth is, the world’s an amazing place. If you allow it to be 🙂

      1. Absolutely! Thanks for the the mention of Holographic Universe- haven’t gotten to that one yet, but will 😉 I read Tao of Physics when it first came out, but should revisit it. Best wishes- WG

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