You Are Here For A Reason

You don’t understand it, yet you can’t deny it: You don’t want to die.

But it’s not just survival.

We do all of Life’s fundamental drives subconsciously, without rationally thinking about them, because they drive us. We do not drive them.

We are now over 7 billion cars.

Life is the driver driving us all.

Eating, Growing, Having Sex, Adapting, Getting Better…

They all feel right. They all take care of themselves. And they all make sense without having to make sense.

We’re all living on a rock flying around a massive burning ball of gas, floating inside a Universe larger than any of us can understand, yet we just keep doing things.

We just keep doing things because that’s what we’re here to do.

To move forward. To become more, and to get better.

Everything always gets better here and if you don’t realize it yet, you will soon.

The Truth You Always Knew – Coming Soon



  1. I love your spirit.

  2. Yes – to experience life and to feel.

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