Pride and Love

Pride is a weird thing.

Too much kills you.

Too much love in this World seems like it’s actually the same thing.

World Peace is a scary thing to talk about.

Why did John Lennon get assassinated?

Who cares!

Trust issues.

We’re going to need to figure this one out.



  1. mastermigz · · Reply

    For the longest I would try to give give give, and never take. I would claim to not have an ego, and it proved to be one of hugest flaws. The human ying and yang begs for it. We must give and take equally.

    Trust issues is something we all battle with. Ultimately we recieve the vibes we put out, that goes for everyone.

  2. Greed is a huge motivator, don’t you think?

    1. Of course but when power is allowed to stay in one area it overrides itself. I think everything will naturally align itself to be ok but we can never know until we all know :p It’s just exciting these days đŸ™‚

      1. It is exciting these days! Hope beckons and action follows.

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