The Problem With The World

We all think we get it.

We all think they don’t get it.

We all actually do have it.

Yet we’re all still waiting.

For what?

“Listen closely just artistify”

With love.



  1. indigovoice82 · · Reply

    I guess we are just waiting till we ALL come together…someday…

    I await the day with hope and joy in my heart.

    1. Why wait? We can create heaven here on earth and dwell in it now by living in the here and now and think and behave from our heart/mind not ego. No clinging. Just joy. No aversion, but acceptance. No pain, yet curiosity in the face of hurt and release.

      1. indigovoice82 · · Reply

        We ALL have to do it in order to truly alter this world…that is what I wait for, for everyone to get on the same side. I am already doing what I can.

        1. why wait if u can start doing it now urself

        2. u cant really control others, u can influence… and u can influence most by actions, so the answer here is do it and elevate urself and u will elevate others…

          u is spelt you usually for those who may not know…

          u may not know that but i hope you know now

          either way u got the point

  2. Who are these ‘they’ anyway? ‘They’ have been blamed for everything under the sun, and yet ‘they’ don’t exist. Not at least, as we had thought. Thanks for the reminder.


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