A Species Understanding Itself

Your subconscious knows more than it lets your conscious mind in on.

It shows you what you need to see, to help get you where you want to go.

Amazingly, you can actually hack this process.

“Wait, if you’re me and I’m you, then we need each other equally right? I’m not afraid if you’re not…”

“How much do you want?”

How you answer that one is up to you.

But be careful.

Once unleashed, freedom of mind is an exponentially exciting journey. One you can’t hold back.

(Once you see the truth, you won’t be able to forget it. You won’t want to, but you’ll wonder why others don’t see it too.)

“The possibilities were always endless, but now, it is somehow more real.”

We keep ourselves from knowledge until we are sure we are ready for it.

Because we have always been a species understanding itself.

But once we actually understand that, somehow, everything changes…

It’s amazing… I know this World is changing… Never gave in, Never gave up, I’m the only thing I’m afraid of…



  1. Once again you knock it out the park. ..

  2. One must be a deep thinker to even slightly grasp your words. I love the way you write in expressing abstract reality.

  3. You spoke my thoughts, dear friend. May you go deep, very deep, in this journey of self knowing.

  4. omtatjuan · · Reply

    Excellent words! I like deep not shallow. Shallow is The Common Denominator.

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