The Science Of Choice and The Present Moment

There is no way to know what will happen next.

There is only trust that what will happen next will be the right thing for you.

Your intuition doesn’t rationalize it’s choices. It just is. If you follow it, how can you lose?

If the past always exists no matter what, could your next step always be the right one for you?

Aren’t mistakes relative if it is all part of the win?

If you’re still here, aren’t you always winning?

If death is nothing, isn’t this life an amazingly beautiful gift?

What I think this all comes down to is

A) You are Free


B) that your choices on what to do next aren’t entirely up to you.

And somehow, when you actually don’t try to know this, you somehow actually always knew this.

Trying in terms of doing something that you don’t love is always a loss.

Work is important, but your definition of what work is even more so.

The present moment may actually be the past.

Well. “The present moment unrelated to you” at least.

But that’s a non existent scenario.

You are inherently part of your experience.

So more accurately, the real Present Moment is a loop between you and the Universe occurring at the speed of light.

And at the speed of Life.

I’m not trying to be cute here. It’s just so amazing it’s hard to communicate in words.

The past is the only thing that truly no longer exists.

Truly understanding this is up to you.

If you do, it will blow/awaken your mind into how many possibilities lay ahead of you during every waking moment.

Be reckless.
Be free.
But trust.

Your choices are half chance. So are everybody else’s.

The more you trust that those chances will be in your favour, somehow, the more they actually are.

There’s probably a limit to all this, but I’d rather not find it.


This post definitely wasn’t perfect, but if you try to be perfect, you’ll never be anything.

(I promise my next posts will be more coherent.. This one just got away and I’m tired of bringing it back in :p)



  1. One’s choices are always up to “the” person. Sure they might not be the choices that we originally wanted to make had circumstances been different, but the bottom line is that no matter what your circumstances, you always make your own choices (except , of course, if you are a minor or unless you are living in a country where you are not free. Even then, you can still make your own choices (in unfree countries), but you will or might have some horrible consequences for the choices that you make. Choices are free but the results or the reactions to your choices might just cost lots of money and or pain or suffering.

  2. thank you for posting! this is definitely something I needed to hear.

  3. Not at all. I think it was a clear, and concise post… Lots of ideas floating around in that head of yours. I enjoyed this post; things I didn’t know I knew.

  4. Or, as a dog might say: Put your nose to the ground and follow each engaging scent, and do so until your life is spent.

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