No Fear Breeds Clarity

It’s incredible how clear it all is once you stop being afraid of it.

Literally, reality becomes more clear.

It’s like 20/20 vision, but to your whole field of vision at the same time, without focusing on anything in particular.

It’s like someone put a shiny coat of crystal over the entire World.

If you have experienced this type of clear vision or change in sight, please share your experience in the comments!

I’m pretty sure it has to do with a higher frequency oscillation of mind, relating to the higher frequency which the Universe is actually oscillating at.

The Higher Frequency Mindset comes and goes but once you see it, it’s more and more difficult to ignore.

Oh Truth. It’s coming for you.



  1. Experienced this on 25C and while playing FIFA. It is as if my playing was effortless.

  2. “The Higher Frequency Mindset comes and goes but once you see it, it’s more and more difficult to ignore.

    Oh Truth. It’s coming for you.”

    Great presentation. I think it’s also right hemisphere brain “stuff”.
    Keep it up!

  3. I have experienced getting rid of fear and seeing things more clearly.

  4. I have nominated you for the Most Influential Blogger Award. Please know that You Inspire me, whether or not you choose to accept and pay forward the award. Should you feel inclined to do so, however, the how and why info can be found here:

  5. feedondemons · · Reply

    Fear can suppress mental cognition. It dumbs us down to basic survival mode. Often times this means neglecting opportunistic perspectives. We’re not the greatest problem solvers with fear blocking our thoughts.

  6. My greatest moment of clarity was in 1968 when I took acid for the first time. It was a life changing event for me and I have never quite been the same since.

  7. Honestly I believe fear is a good thing. It´s a good thing if it doesn´t overwhelm you. But it keeps you on your toes.
    A quick example.I fear I´m going to loose my job, which would lead to loosing the house and maybe the family. So I´m going to be the best at whatever the job I´m going to be doing.

  8. I am delighted to see more clearly after I’ve been meditating with my eyes closed for a while. Even though I don’t meditate on a daily basis or as often as I’d like to, when I open my eyes, all the colors look more vibrant. Just bringing this to my attention could get me doing it more. Thank you!

  9. I think it’s all part of awakening; it comes in bits and pieces, feeding into the whole. Like learning to walk, we don’t go from crawling to walking perfectly overnight. Likewise, these higher frequency moments come in little spurts, drawing us closer to the desired end.

  10. Clarity of mind gets bogged down in everyday thoughts and worries. We dwell on the perceived mistakes of the past or fear a future that may never materialize. Take a deep breath, exhale all the negativity in your body, and face the world with renewed focus. Live in the present moment. It’s really the only moment you have control over! Love your words, and I find the optimism so refreshing!

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