Write It In A More Divine Way

While in Vancouver, a friend from Mexico told me:

“You’re writing the book in the most Human way.”

“Yeah… ?”

“Don’t. I’ve been trying to see Life in a more Divine way, and I’ve caught glimpses of it and want more,” he said.

“Write it in a more Divine way.”

Two shooting stars went over his head while he said that.

But how could I write from a Divine perspective, if I was only a Human experiencing a Divine perspective, wanting other Human’s to experience it too?

How could I not write this book in the most Human way, if I was writing a book to Wake the Humans Up?


I can’t hide from my self, or my story.

And so I’ve decided to share it all with whoever wants to listen.

And as Godly as this sounds, it is the story of us all.


The Powers at be, that repress knowledge and ideas of unity have built a survielance state that monitors all digital communication in the hopes of keeping control.

But survielance works both ways, and they’ve caught themselves in the process.


An Evolution is happening.

And from this point on, it requires an opening up, and an understanding.



  1. I am there. Let me know when your book comes out, I will read it. Who are we? The answer to that question which fills you with the greatest dread and joy, as in awe, because then you will have to admit you are much more than you ever imagined… that will be the truth. So live it, be it, write about it. It’s a privilege to share the journey!

    1. Hey Elisa,

      Part 1 is out now on Kindle: http://www.bit.ly/ttyakpart1

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