Mind Control – Reality Can’t Be Unseen

At this point in my adventure, I was living in Vancouver.

The weed there was tremendous. Unlike any other drug I had tried before.

I took a hit.

Songza switched song on the iPhone.


“Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered today to get through this thing called Life.”

Let’s Go Crazy by Prince came on.

I knew that if I was going to be serious about Waking Up the World, that I would eventually pass through them.

But they somehow found me before I even had a chance to introduce myself.

I was randomly browsing a list of the most trafficked Weebly hosted websites.

http://www.markwilliamson.info/ was the one I clicked.

It’s a police report, and the first 4 chapters of the book of someone who was an MK Ultra, explaining his story.

Please browse the site for yourself.


I found his story incredibly compelling.

I searched the net for his finished book, but it was nowhere to be found.


I was on the Tim Ferris information diet, and I had stopped watching the news completely. I hadn’t yet heard about Snowden’s leaks. I had no idea the extent of the NSA’s reach.

His contact info was on the site, so I emailed him through an alias email, using the name Vanessa.

Here’s our back and forth.


—- On Fri, 12 Jul 2013 23:55:48 -0700 Vanessa ***** <******@****.com> wrote —-


Hey Mark,

I stumbled upon your website, and am really fascinated to read your book!

Is it available to buy? I couldn’t find it online anywhere.

Please, link me to somewhere I can buy it, or please, just send me the full written out book, because your story is amazing and it needs to be heard and shared.

Thank you for being so brave,


Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 06:45:37 -0700
From: mark@williamsw.com
To: ***

Subject: Re: Book

Dear Vanessa,

Thank you for your kind words. I am still working on the book and can send you the next chapter when it is completed. I would love to hear your feedback.

Are you a writer?


Mark Williamson 

Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 15:03:20 -0700
From: mark@williamsw.com
To: ***
Subject: RE: Book

Amazing!! My answers below in bold.


Mark Williamson 

—- On Sat, 13 Jul 2013 12:38:49 -0700 Vanessa *** <***> wrote —-


Yes, I am currently writing a book of my own, about spiritual enlightenment and how we can wake up together and work as a harmonious unit, both individually and collectively.

I can’t wait to read it!

It’s interesting to learn that people with MPD learn that divided we fall and together we stand. Because the same concepts continue on a more macro level.

Yes, well, it is exactly the same principle being applied by exactly the same people. Divide and conquer!

I am trying to help people realize that we don’t need to be living the way we are living.

I realize that you too have the same ambitions, in hoping to create a more unified and useful global vision and governance.

Yes, I certainly do!

The sad truth is money has corrupted our society nearly beyond repair. I believe that we need a massive shift in how we operate, perhaps getting rid of what we understand as money all together, but it all starts with a massive shift in our consciousness.


Luckily, I believe this massive shift in consciousness is actually easier to see and accept than it is to ignore it. We unfortunately live in a society which has conditioned us to ignore it.

I believe that it is time for humanity to wake up.

But enough about me!

Does it bother you that your story is so striking and incredible, yet gets no coverage?

I guess I expected it to remain repressed, but so much truth is leaking out in so many areas. I think any day more and more striking, controversial and powerful truths will reach society at large.

Do you believe the United States is corrupt beyond reason, and that even living on the same continent as the evil doers isn’t worth it? (I understand you left for Mexico. Wouldn’t New Zealand or Australia be even better?)

I was lucky to make it this far and remain alive. I am under intense pressure, constantly. They want me back, consider me an important asset and just assume that I will eventually give up and return.

How much fear do you deal with on a daily or weekly basis, with the notion that your aggressors might be still trying to mess with your life?

I guess in a way I have transcended much of the fear associated with my body and being alive. It is still very frightening, but I have developed a very detached manner of existence. I have been through so much since learning that I am an MK Ultra. The systems that they have created to contain us and prevent us from escaping are tremendous!

And finally, how do you think we (I say we as the millions of enlightened people who very deeply understand the world is a much more fucked up place than most of us are ready to admit), how we do enlighten others? How do we get the average North American to care about the terrible, grotesque injustices being carried over them at all times?

I think they must suffer first. I know that sounds awful and believe me I wish it were not true, but I have trumpeted my horn as much as I am able. Some are awake, but so many remain asleep. I have stayed close, in Norther Mexico, and yell at my friends on Facebook as much as I am able without loosing them.

It upsets me personally, that I seem to care more about the World and injustices than the World cares about itself.

Me too! It is nice to know there are at least two of us. But, there are many more.

What is your way to personally deal with all of this?

I just take it one day at a time. I am attributed with a great deal of intelligence by our government, military and US corporations. So far, however, in my life it has been almost more of a liability. It can be very frustrating. I left the US in 2011 and wanted to create a business that the NSA could not destroy by hacking my servers and customers. I invented a new solar panel design that is an incremental improvement on existing systems. I just got, this month as a matter fact, investors to give me a factory and $$ to built my panels. I just returned from a two hour meeting with my partners who own a factory here in Norther Mexico and they have committed the resources. I will start next week working at their factory, which is quite nice, building my invention. It is very exciting and I am looking forward to building a worldwide chain of retail stores to sell what we manufacture here in Mexico. I already have a CEO and we are forming the corporation. This would be the first time that I would actually be allowed to keep anything that I invented.

My entire immediate family is under mind control. My brother, who is one year older than I am, is the same as I. He probably has a comparable IQ, but is unable to access all his abilities. My dad has a photo of my brother with a metal helmet on with wires sticking out at age five at UCLA. We were both born at UCLA medical center and my father has a masters degree from UCLA. My parents actually believe that this was all part of a “one time” brain experiment! I was given drugs while still a fetes in my mother. I began speaking at two months and was inventing things by age three. My brother is amazing. His great personal accomplishments were to invent a motor cycle rack that jacks up (it is called motojack rack – can find on google) and he can do things with RC helicopter that no one else in the world is able to do. He can do pirouettes, loops and rolls at the same time. Amazing! He had sponsorship for a while.

My father has been a defence contractor and has some of the highest security clearances possible. Scary. My mom is under mind control and has been used by Microsoft and the government to control me. I love her and wish I could help her, but I can barely take care of myself right now.

Now they know about you, so you can decide if you want to continue to speak with me. Please take these words seriously.

As far as these people are concerned I am considered an “asset” with a specific tangible value. Unfortunately, I think that number is quite high, and they are willing to spend large amounts of money and are quite patient about “returning me to service”.

That is the truth as crazy as it may sound.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are both assets and I have spoken with their alters, although, not in the last six months. They were trying to help me when I was riding my mountain bike through the deserts of Sonora, but then they just stopped talking with me. George Bush is an asset and I recently helped wake him up. Those photos he painted in the bath tub were because of the torture system they use on us (google photos george bush bath tub). They were torturing both of us from space when I was in Abilene and I assume he was in Crawford. I told him to hide in the bathtub because the sonic torture because it defeats the sonic torture system they were using on us. He helped me to escape Texas. (If you knew the dramatic circus these people all live in, you would not fear them) Alex Jones is an asset who has his own personal battle (please don’t quote me on that – he is a very good man). Obama and wife really are prisoners. She is not being figurative, they really control them! Their controller is a woman who lives in the Whitehouse with them.

Everyone wants to do the “right thing” but we all have our own pressures to deal with in life.

I know about the technology that they are deploying from space on the population at large, and I am deeply concerned for humanity. If we don’t turn this around soon, we may be stuck this way for many lifetimes, and it may get even worse than that.

There have been some recent whistleblowers and Snowden is only scratching the surface. Another whistleblower, Tyce, makes reference to space based surveillance technology (look for his recent RT interview). I can tell you more about this technology and the big picture if you are interested.

Thank you so much for replying.

You are so welcome!!

Congratulations on breaking free and regaining your life. I am excited to see what the future holds for you.

You are awesome!!


—- On Sat, 13 Jul 2013 21:09:21 -0700 Vanessa *** <***@***.com> wrote —-



Please tell me more about the technologic surveillance systems from space and the bigger picture at large.
Why aren’t you immediately publishing this all on your website?

If I was you my number one priority would be to get the information out.

Your invention and project can live on after you, but the information stuck in your mind will not.


Dear Vanessa,

I am super busy and no one seems to ever respond much to what I have tried to publish on the Internet in the past. I am not a professional writer. Newspapers don’t seem to be interested.

In 1990 a voice began to be projected into my head. It was a scientists who introduced himself as someone working on a new project for the government involving a new technology to speak with people remotely. He said that I had been selected to participate. Our conversation was fairly brief, and a few weeks later someone else began speaking with me. He said that he was from Microsoft. We then began working on a series of inventions for the next generation of operating system. Later we decided to call it Windows 95. That was when I suggested the Start Button (actually I first called it the On Button). I can tell you how this came about if you are interested.

Since then they have never left me alone.

Tice makes reference to this space technology in this very recent RT news interview.

I think at one point Tice says, “… from what I was learning from the Space Technology” Why aren’t people asking, what the heck does that mean? You can google RNM, Remote Neural Monitoring. You can also google and read the Silent Sounds article on Rense. They make it very hard to find this information. Google has definitely gotten in the mix with these guys. They were actually in from the beginning. I can tell you stories about that too. Anyway, Silent Sounds is a real corporation and they have the technology that was used to get the Iraqi solders to surrender en mass in the Gulf War.

When I was a child I helped George Bush Sr. develop some of this technology. He wanted to put a “Big Ear” in the sky. We decided to put a big dish over everyone’s head. These satellites have nuclear reactors on board. You can broadcast voices into people’s heads using microwaves, but I think this might use another energy like X-Ray or scalar. Whatever it is it needs a lot of power to require a nuclear reactor (you can find out about the US satellite that was shot down and poisoned a village in Peru because the nuclear reactor ruptured on impact).

The really bad thing is that in 2009 I helped them around a technology I had gotten into as a professional athlete. For six years I was a professional athlete and spent a great deal of time studying how top athletes achieve peak performance. Have you heard the story of the woman who lifted a car off her baby? The basic idea is that through your mind you can program yourself to do almost anything. I spent four or five years studying this technology. I read books like Peak Performance, increased my studies of hypnosis (I actually began that study when I was 16) and a great many other works including videos. I did work books, learned meditation, I used highly repetitive positive affirmations, did visualization, basically everything that professional athletes need to learns to be competitive today. This field is called “Mental Training”.

This technology is very powerful and these people are now using it against society. They have learned how to program people using these satellites while they sleep. Later they can trigger them into specific emotional responses, real time. They can also manage alter systems, MK Ultras, through this system (I think that there are about 1 million of us in the United Sates). They download all of this information into a vast computer farm underground that is comprised of Linux servers. Using this system they are able to coordinate society on a granular level. The whole thing is very twisted.

Additionally, I think they might be spraying barium and aluminum from airplanes for a stronger effect. Although, I have no first hand knowledge of this. I do know that barium is used in X-Ray diagnosis to “paint your internal organs” and the satellite system I helped Bush Sr. develop used X-Rays. We called it Onyx and we worked together in the early 1970s. I was between the ages of 7 and 10 when we spoke. He would call me on the telephone at my controllers house in Palos Verdes Estates. When he got nominated to become president I became sick to my stomach.

Anyway, if you want more information, you may research this and get back to me.


Mark Williamson 


No more emails have since been written.

A while later, I had found two of my Word Docs with track changes turned on.

Then I had started hearing beeps on my telephone calls.

But I wasn’t phased. Like Mark, I had transcended the fear of Death.


I spent a few days researching how to NSA proof your computer.

I soon realized it would be impossible without seriously sacrificing my current methods of communication .


I was writing my brother handwritten letters and mailing them home.

I was iMessaging my friends back home, explaining my situation.


And then an interesting thing occurred to me.

If I’m being watched, it only increases my impact on collective reality.

This is what I wanted.


So what if an agent was watching me.

Now I can communicate to him directly, Human to Human.

I can tell him to forward my messages to the Heads.


I can speak directly to the Heads.

I can express myself to important powerful people.


The surveillance works both ways…

Reality can’t be unseen.


Things were about to get a whole lot more interesting…



  1. Looking back today, it’s difficult to make 100% truth of what is written here, because so many true facts are held back from us. But it’s interesting to talk about nevertheless. Talking and Communicating are the most important thing at this point in our Evolution. I think…

  2. Cassandra · · Reply

    I would like to more about why they want to broadcast thoughts into people’s minds and who exactly would be their potential target for this technology? Could this be a source of so-called “channeled” information that so many are now blogging and writing books about?

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Cassandra. “Who?” I think it would be “as many people as possible.” (eventually) But for-now, probably just the upper-middle-class & military/police & possibly religious uppers as well.
      “Why?” I’m thinking is just to get more control; more ease at the helm.
      I think it could seem “channeled”, look up “Voice-to-skull” technology. With all we know about electromagnetics, ULF & UHF frequency effects, etc. etc. I see little reason to think this is not entirely possible, though obviously hidden – no one wants to let everyone know that they are completely defenseless.

      1. Cassandra · · Reply

        Thanks for the reply Clyde. I’ll look that up.

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