It’s Worth It.

It’s worth it.
You get to do what you feel like doing.
Sure you get responsibility. But it’s fulfilling responsibility.
You get to create the World you envision.
The World you feel like should already be here.
The World that wants to be created from your point of view.

Sure it’s overwhelming, but embrace the wonder and grandure of it all. It’s all here for you anyways.

You are not independent from Life. You are Life.
Follow this.
It’s what it wants you to do.

The idea that you are somehow separate from Nature is exactly what is still holding you back.
This reality you live in exists only because you mostly avoid speaking about these apparent truths.
You settle for a held back, “for face” reality.
Because “people talk”.
So what. People are supposed to talk. It’s how we share ideas.
It’s how we learn and collectively get better.
It’s how we become more.

We’re evolving, and we always have been.
But now, with all this communication and connectedness, we’re actually starting to consciously realize it.

So why ignore it?
Speak up.
It’ll speed things up.



  1. Blessings, it is perfect, as always! xo

  2. The Truth in simple, honest words. Thank you!

  3. herunveiling · · Reply

    I talk, you talk, people talk and we all talk. It’s a chorus and it’s not always on key but it’s ok, who knows what the right key is anyway? So sing your song, it’s important. Don’t wait until your voice is silenced by the ending of your time to sing. Like the bird perched outside your window, usher the dawn of a new age with your melody.

  4. Beautifully written !

  5. This is exactly and precisely in alignment with what I’m thinking right now. I just posted on my Facebook “My manifesto – let me run” – and I’m about to write it out now.

    Perfectly connected. Pinky finger shake! Thanks man.

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