Growing Pains – Resonating With Higher Frequencies

As you are willing and trying to raise your level, you send out resonating vibrations that are more in tune with the level you are aiming for.

As you flow towards that new level, you might experience an awkward growing pain, where the situation you find yourself in isn’t in synch yet with where you’re going.

During this growth phase, keep focus.

Adapt and make adjustments but keep your eye on the prize.

See it through, and soon you’ll find your surrounding reality matching the tone of your frequency.

Resonating with like minded individuals you once aspired to be, you now see the World from a new perspective, and have the authentic power to produce, given that perspective.

Your growth transformation is now complete.

“Without change, there would be no butterflies.”



  1. […] Growing Pains – Resonating With Higher Frequencies. […]

  2. At this present moment in time, a much needed affirmation, thank you 🙂

  3. Hi, I’m so happy to see this post in my reader this morning. It is something that I am very much a believer of also. I like the way you have the post well balanced between the spiritual implications and the physics that are involved. I get a feeling that sometimes people can dismiss terms like ‘vibration’ ‘wavelength’ and ‘tuning in to a frequency’ as new age nonsense when in actual fact it is physics and always has been and when posts like yours can show this I think it is a good thing. Aside from the enlightened aspect of all this I am utterly fascinated with acoustics and sound waves and what can actually happen, I’m also a guitarist so I suppose that feeds my wonder. I’m wondering if you have heard of ‘sympathetic vibration/resonance’.
    Also finally have you heard of Chladni figures/plates it is amazing. Here is a link to a youtube video of it… I’ve left the www bit off the beginning of it because I didn’t want it to put a youtube vid here (so I hope it doesn’t)

    Thanks again for your post I am glad to have read it.

    1. Hey I agree totally that it’s dismissed as nonsense when it’s so obviously and blatantly not, but I feel that’s due to our prudence in entering new territories. This whole branch of things opens up a whole can of implications which we have to deal with responsibly, so our society and science tend to want to ignore what we don’t want to deal with. It puts you on the fringe relatively, and many aren’t comfortable with that. I’ll check out your link. Thanks!

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