Pulling Reality From Probabilities

Reality decides as you throw your consciousness into it (actions/engagement)

Before you do so, all possibilities exist in un-materialized probabilities, “behind” our sphere of awareness and actuality.

Decisions and commitment force the material result.

The answers come out as you search for them.



  1. Yes! 🙂 Life is way grander, broader and larger than our often relatively limited view of it is. It’s an ever more narrowing view if we let fear be our “probable outcome calculator”. We need to stay open to all possible outcomes.

    There are two choices in our minds: One that leads to pain, another that will hopefully and potentially lead to happiness. We remember the past pain, and to avoid it, we automatically – without even realizing it – calculate the probable outcomes, looking for the choice that will NOT cause the pain again.

    But this goes against nature’s laws. If you throw dice – do you expect the number that will appear to always be one out of two choices. No.


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