Higher Consciousness

Higher consciousness is above lower consciousness by physical design, but it should not limit, hoard and obstruct. It should release, unleash and liberate.

If you must be higher, do not look down to control, look above into the free untouched dimensions of fresh reality. Flow and create there.

Doing this will create a free gap of space for other consciousness to soar into, previously inhabited by your hoarding unsure self.

We are here to Leap.

We are here to rise.



  1. Each one manifesting the higher consciousness while still embodied brings that much more energy into this Earth plane, and raises the vibration for all. We can all be that finger pointing at the moon, and in so doing loosen our grasping grip on the materialized world. Best wishes, WG

    1. I think at one point pointing at the moon starts to increase gravity in a way. It’s subtle and you probably wouldn’t believe it to even try. I feel like we’re entering new territories in science, available for the bold. It’s fun

  2. hyavision11 · · Reply

    Thank you Mr Sergio! Thank you too my dear Vera, who led me to him. ❤

    1. HUGS!!!! 🙂

  3. And one more admiring note: 🙂
    I’ve been thinking about this so much these past days. There are many people with seemingly good messages but white knuckles holding and controlling so hard on their realm, nobody else is to “compete” with their message (not judging but sad for them). But we are here together. Helping each other soar higher. Loose the control! Love this post!

  4. This is just so magnificent and so true – I must repeat myself. Thank you for saying this. Been thinking of this much much much much (how to say it to others – and you said it bebe!) 🙂

  5. I love this so immensely much. This is the best thing you have yet every said. Thank you dearly. I am re-blogging and posting this all over the place Mr Sergio! This is fantastic and so so so so so true.
    Blessings and gratitude!

  6. […] Higher Consciousness. […]

  7. Perfect uplifting reflection!

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