Good Vibrations

God Only Knows

That it’s all of us.

So how could we not already know yet?

We do.

We just pretend we don’t because of “what it would mean.”

But we already are.

So why haven’t we admited it yet?

I appreciate your replies and points of view 🙂



  1. Thanks for posting… Who is “we?” A projection. I change the we to me and reveal the truth behind I&I’s words… Read it slowly, take in the meaning, own myself…
    I Only Know
    That I am all of me.
    So how could I not already know yet?
    I do.
    I just pretend I don’t because of “what I would mean.”
    But I already am.
    So why haven’t I admitted it yet?

    I already have!
    Language Yoga

  2. Yep … see Much Ado About Nothing in … reading your posts now.

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