It’s A Celebration

We’re headed for a universal celebration.

We always knew that.

We knew that before we were born. And you remember that right before you die.

That’s why you smile on your death bed while you stare at the sun, and the warm rays kiss your check and you’re tightly snug underneath those wooly, soft covers.

We’re going there and we’re so close they realize before they’re even dead now.

Because it’s happening whether they experience it from alive or dead point of view.

The universe is about to win.

This life is a gift.

You won the lottery of 180 million sperm just to get a chance to play.

And now you’re here, and it’s all so real you can barely believe it.

But whether you believe it or not, it does not change the fact that it is true.

We did it. We won.

Are you seriously going to waste one more second of your precious life?

It’s a celebration bitches.



  1. wonderfully written!

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