The Simplest Law of Consciousness

What you Focus on… Grows



  1. then stop giving me more shit to focus on.

    and no, i don’t mean you personally. just this world of ours. enough negative does really have power, one person in the midst of it all deep enough does not have the light to undo it. not today, not right now.

    1. Take a break. Reset. Jump back in when youre feeling it. Were not going anywhere ❤

      1. 🙂 thanks mr.

  2. True, and what I Ignore also grows, like weeds in my garden.

    1. “Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say” … But focus throws consciousness into the thing and forces it to grow.. Adapt… Or at the very least change. Im not for ignoring problems but sometimes letting something be until your perpspective has evolved to a state that is ready to deal with it is better. You’re right but focus definitely grows it more :p

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