Hello It’s Me – Sergio G

Hello It’s Me

by Sergio G

I can’t hide forever
Sooner or later i’ll have to come out
And then whatever happens is what needed to happen
Just as it’s always been

All of these self conscious beings
Pretending to be asleep
For that unfulling comfort of comformity

But fuck it, no more for me
Its not worth it baby

We’re not floating in space

to please society

hello it’s me
the one you can’t see
the person who’s hiding
inside your body

Wake Up it’s time
To open your mind
Just remember the dream
and come get power with me

just remember the dream
and come get power with me
just remember the dream
and we’re already free

We’re Hacking reality
So Forget sanity
It’s just Ideas and dreams
That make up all you can see

Drop some LSD
Or chew some shroomies
and soon you’ll see
that we’re just energy

running through your body
driving you to become
everything you could be

communication is key
it’ll set us all free
once we finally remember
that we’re on the same team

we’re just one conscious being
we manifest destiny
through 8 billion unique different reproductions of we

we’re just one single source
we’re running our course
so no more need to play
this broken down old charade

there’s nothing to fear
the kingdom is near
we’re all still waiting
but we’re already here

look in your eyes
and you’ll find it too
it’s a beautiful truth
and it’s waiting for you

there’s so much to say
and self importance is lame
but i wanna be paid
yes sir i wanna be paid

i heard someone say
there’s money in knowing
where the pucks gonna be

now I’m inside your mind
to let you in mine
put your ego aside
and let your light shine

it’s easy to see
It’s not you it’s not me
the answer we’re looking for is we
the answer we’re looking for is we

holler when you notice it


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  1. Great imagery!

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