We Are The Light The Human Is Focusing On

We are not the Human. We are the Light the Human is Focusing on.

I used to think we were only the Light flashing between our neurons, but I now realize we are much more.

That Light is really just an exntension of the Light we are constantly taking in through our senses.

The Light shining down from our Stars.

Ultimately we are only this Light.

The Human is simply a pod our souls live within to respond to this Light.

To interact with it.

To resonate and osicilate with it, in the hopes of elevating it to a higher frequency.

Fundementally, there is no seperation between you and the objects you are observing.

There is no limit segragating the observer and the observed, the subject and the environment the subject is in.

Zoom into quantum levels and you’ll find that all is floating together within fuzzy seas of infinite probablity.

Together, you and the objects within your Sphere of Focus form a coherent and cohesive entity, ready and willing to work together to form whatever it is the Mind at large is wishing to create.

If you allow this Loop of interaction to flow freely, without dated ideas of control and manipulation, you will unlock relatively hidden and unknown states of physical existance.

Be the Light, and remember the more you Let the Light resonate through you, the more magical your interactions with this Light will become.


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