Black Hole Sun

Fundamentally, what’s the difference between a star and a black hole? They both have huge mass and huge gravity but one emits light while the other sucks in and hoards it.

Why? What changes at the point where gravity suddenly becomes too strong to share? The interaction or oscillation with the surrounding universe suddenly becomes “internal only” or individualistic.

Black holes have a lot to do with gravity and evil and the devil because it has to do with power so great it turns away from the light because it knows it is the light and something in the equation isn’t ready to accept or admit that yet so it hoards and goes in.

I think black holes happen to species that are enlightened but choose to deny that their internal is ultimately a part of their external… And maybe ultimately choose “life” over “the universe”
I think ultimately the gravity and the light are two aspects of the same force and that force is called consciousness And Life emits and oscillates this consciousness throughout the universe and that’s what creates reality both for us (life) and the universe.

I think we’re overdue for a Leap but it’s coming soon.

(Written today during a morning walk in the rain)

(Slightly edited on a couch indoors)



  1. This is a powerful post. The take away for me is that it is all in what path you choose to walk which will define what energy you will have ( a star or a black hole). Your post have great words to meditate on. Thank you.

  2. hawking radiation is powerful enough to evaporate the entire black hole … eventually 🙂

  3. Wish we’d get some rain here!

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