Oscillating Mirrors swimming in the same Source

we are oscillating mirrors

Swimming in a pool of the same source

How we reflect the light between ourselves creates the reality we all share

It is not our light it’s “its” “Yours” “His” or “Ours”

“He” or “You” is reading off “It” -> the thing the source is banging into/reading off/ learning from/floating into

The flicker of oscillations by these mirrors floating in the spacetime creates, stimulates and manipulates the surrounding physical reality to shape (it’s=you and your surrounding looping sphere of focus) wishes.

It’s always real, no matter what.

The internal -> =the spacetime (light energy) oscillating from inside your mirror like substance that is you. 

The barrier (the mirror) that defines you-internal and ?ou-external = is an indestructible layer.

If you choose to hoard that spacetime for yourself…. -> gravity ways

That’s a long way from a black hole, but relatively speaking and exponentially -> it’s speeds up relatively quickly-

TIME -> speed -> gravity -> always physical -> always engrained and recordering -> always flowing freely because of motion -> the motion of light swimming in spacetime creating Focus -> somehow affecting gravity and Electromagnetics -> (is the ultimate goal important if this is a massive leap forward) -> 


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