Gravity as a Beacon And God

what is the difference between Life, the Universe and God?

Is the God the envelope?

The layer that defines focus?

The perspective decider?

The absolute observer?

Isn’t that You?

If that’s you than who am I ?

I is Life

A definition that is still improperly defined

Sergio get to work –

– define life as One undeniably connected force not only physically on this planet right now today this second but since the beginning of life on this earth and most likely else where in the universe –

Black holes may be points where sub planetary species decend into their gravity beacon.

The result of planetary enlightenment may be an acesion into another universe, and ascension we as Humans on Earth may have yet to witness from what we know in our observable universe.

Sorry for the onslaught of words and poorly edited posts, I just wanted to share my thoughts. 




  1. You re forgiven … I am writing a book on that subject. The first chapter and possibly the name of the book is THOUGHT. Draffs at

  2. Your thoughts are tender to ignite the fire of understanding in others. Enlightenment leaps from mind to mind as we share thoughts such has these. Namaste, WG

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