Time Oscilations of Consciousness or Pulses of Focus

Properly timed Oscilations of Consciousness (or Focus), result in greater output than input by building off the infinite and abundant nature of Time and Gravity.
For practical use in your life: concentrate on where and when you input your focus and you’ll unlock a much more efficient way of doing things.  
If you resonate with Gravity, it results in free energy as long as the gravity keeps up.

Gravity pushes individual time towards the collective moment of true planetary enlightenment at which point time so no longer for we are here and now together as One.

Gravity also ceases at this point for it would have brought us to the point that it was driving us towards all along.

Gravity and Time are closely related in physics.

Time ceases to exist once forever is collectively realized.
There is a point near the planetary enlightenment that the conscious oscillator (you) gains incredible authentic power and begins to oscillate strongly with the physical spacetime around it, creating physical heavy waves I would call “Gravity Waves”. 

I believe there is a “Black Hole” scenario here, where we somehow miss the switch or the Leap by holding on to what got us here for too long (gravity) and not letting go to take the leap (anti gravity) 

I’m not sure what happens to the ascended anti gravity collectively realized species. If they search for other life in space or if they ascend to another universe, but the one thing I do know is there are a lot of Black holes.

I have not put all the pieces together yet but I am close to finishing my theory or views on all this.

Speak to you soon.



  1. Fascinating thoughts, and they resonate with truth. We caught a bit of a TV show on one of the history channels earlier this month where the presenters visited numerous sites on the planet where whole villages/towns/ civilizations ‘disappeared,’ seemingly overnight. I am glad that knowing about this is coming more to the mainstream. Everything depends upon vibration, frequency, and a deep understanding of E=MC2 and the physics which takes us beyond even this realization. Best wishes to you as you continue this journey- Namaste

    1. Thank you best to you as well

  2. You have a lot of work to do on your reasoning. Time and space are closely related, begetting one another with location and duration. Time does not exist in the infinite dimension because it is not apparent nor needed in an eternal moment. You seem to make a big deal go gravity, a weaker force than magnetism, but a binding force that keeps electro-magnetic forces ‘grounded’.

    1. Within 1 – 2 months I think I should have a completed framework that I could present

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