Orbs of Focus Oscilating Light

We are orbs of focus oscilating light

Oscilation of light through spacetime creates consciousness

Your sphere or orb of focus is determined by a physical tangible indestrcuble layer which defines what you are currently focused on with what is outside of your sphere of focus.

This limit has a physical substance which can effect near by Electromagnetics for the field of consciousness is both electromagnetic and gravitational.

High rate of Change in thought frequency creates a flux.

When experiencing a fast rate of Chance in thought in which you suddenly figure something out or make it all click, you may notice electric monitors (screens) making audible sounds or flicking of light and light poles near by. These occurrences will be in synch with your high rate of acceleration in thought frequency or Flux.

We are orbs of consciousness swimming in space trying to flip the light in a way to get us a little higher

More tomorrow


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