Privacy is inherently untrue

Whether you’re at work, at home, in public or in private, you’re always already in it, it’s always already on,  and it’s always already You.

Privacy and individualistic ideas, in terms of a true separation from the source, are inherently untrue.

Only an illusion we agree to pretend like exists until we remember to admit that it never existed to begin with.

“Allah / God sees all” – a religious term to explain how it’s always already on whether you realize it or not.

Note: once you realize it, you can greatly increase the quality of your interaction with it.

The loop can be viewed as internal and unique to you but this is still an illusion as it’s still all Here.

The light you are oscilating with was never yours to begin with.

It’s only your belief that it is yours but the very idea of you is untrue.

You are a part of a whole.

An integral part of the whole.

Note: There is something about the uniqueness of your oscillator and the uniqueness of your perspective of the collective spacetime.

The perspective of SpaceTime you have oscilated within is always absolutely individualistic to you.

But it is still always a perspective of the grander Universe that we are all collectively oscilating with.

Are we not the fucken Universe then?


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