True U: A Higher Fidelity Reality

Defining Frequency and Amplitude

Frequency is how fast you complete a given cycle or loop.

Amplitude is how much you travel within that loop.

You can say amplitude is related to power while frequency is related to speed.

Highering your frequency is natural free and easy

You have only been brought up in a society with imposed conditions to make you believe like this is untrue.

Higher your Frequnecy takes less energy than pretending the universe is a certain way, for it is already oscilating at a higher rate than we.

(What ultimately powers the Oscilations if i can work with and resist gravity?)

I would still be in a spacetime universe that has gravity , and thus has not reached fruition

Gravity pulls the light towards its point

The black holes are still here, they’re a just trapped.

More to edit later:

In highering this frequency you automatically and exponentially increase the amount of space you end up oscilating with.
The beauty is the speed is easier to obtain than the brute power as the universe herself is already oscilating at the speed of light.

You do not need to be loud. You can increase your frequency simply by being more in tune with how the Universe already is. It is oscilating at the speed of light. We are not. Adjusting our antenna to be more in tune does not require more power, only more awareness. If you are lucky enough to experience a truly clear mind, you will let the light shine through and reality itself will become more clear to you.

The Higher Frequency Mindset is a mindset I have experienced a few times during these last 2 years.

It is one that allows you to literally see SpaceTime in a way you have never before.

It actually looks crystal clear. Sharper. More high def. Somehow more real.

I believe this to be due to the fact that the Universe is already oscilating at a level above the norm of our current conscious frequency level.

I believe we are able to obtain higher frequencies by calming our minds to see it closer to how it really is versus how we have been conditioned to see it.

Defining you, You and U

you = your conscious self, your ego, your name

You = your subconscious self , the Real You or your Life Source

U = the Universe, the True U, the thing we are learning off and trying to understand more of, trying to harness and command more of

The True U is the Universe as it is, beyond our perception of it.
From what we know, we can only see the True U as she perceives to be through the lens of our conscious self, which is a filtered version of our subconscious perception of reality.

The realm of your subconscious takes in a lot more of the True U than it lets your conscious self in on, but even beyond our conscious reality perception it is our current senses that are still incredibly limited.

Our senses have been evolving for billions of years, and it would be naive and irrational, even prideful to believe we are anywhere near the finalized evolution of a True and complete picture of Reality as she is, or the True U.

We have many more years to go until the fidelity of our conscious reality is in tune with how reality actually is.

The very image of our reality is a constantly evolving one.

For your day to day, remember this: 

If you trust your intuition you can increase the fidelity of your reality,  and organically obtain a higher frequency.
In doing so, your actual conscious reality (the one you are most likely viewing this through right now) will physically become more clear. 

A higher fidelity reality.

A more in tune U.



  1. Thanks for this. I read it through a couple times until it was clearer to me. I’ve also had those moments when I was more in tune and everything was clearer. It wasn’t about forcefully seeking, it was simply noticing and listening which got me there. It was opening more eyes and ears than my usual ones, and instead my intuition and heart’s knowing. These extra senses blazed and stunned me with a richer type of stereo vision (or was it quad vision?)
    Oh it’s hard to explain. And, it’s hard to go back to limited vision.

    1. It comes back if you “allow yourself to see it how it is”

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