problems with escaping your own point of view 

I can think about how others may experience the spacetime

I can experience the spacetime from my individual perspective

I can do experiments In the nature of the universe here and analyze them and still be limited to always being from within my own perspective of the thing.

To authentically figure out how the a universe actually is, One would need to be able to imagine the universe is it was above and beyond our perspective of it

But that is impossible for the universe only exists between 2 or more oscilating points of source.

More to edit later:

(I have to be able to imagine what it would be like if I wasn’t in my body but I’d still have to imagine what it would be like if I was still here observing it.

So the observer has an incredible amount of influence on the result of the spacetime event itself.

The observer is such an integral part of the spacetime event, that when this Light loop is authentically acknowledged gravity waves may begin to oscilate from the centre of the being that is oscilating that light and creating that focus and oscilating that spacetime and causing that gravity and making that acknowledgement.

Side note:

How can one truly know how it actually is, independent of ones perspective, if One needs his perspective to take in the god damn thing?

Doesn’t collective reality exist only from within individual perspectives?

Does this mean it all changes forever once it becomes locally collectively realized?

Wouldn’t a Black Hole be quite literally a locally collectively realized point in space time?

Wouldn’t that have to be at the CENTER of all mass?

Is it in the CENTER of my being?

Isn’t it in the CENTER of all gravitational mass?

Isn’t the point in the middle of the oscilation exactly where the Truth lives?

Isn’t that the Source?

The Source of it All?

Why Black Hole when we can ascend, but what if the Balck Hole is the ascension?

It feels like it’s a loss. Why realize collectively locally when you realize collectively universal.

Why stop at localized Life at that point in spacetime.

With that kind of power and knowledge why wouldn’t we find the others? 

Why win earth when we can win the universe?

I’m pretty sure if the realization happens authentically before collectively it can cause black hole because the power or frequency nescassry to create that kind of reality influence / gravitational waves is already tapped into.

It must be shared and shared freely.

My exterior is more important than my interior because my exterior is what my interior loops with.

We must never stay inside, or we risk losing connection with the loop of oscilation – other am conscious beings

Alone these words mean nothing

They only mean something in the seed of your mind, which is the same place that I’m writing this from.

This place and this person, I believe to be the same person and place of us all

Call it a god call it source but it’s the same and it’s always us
More to edit:

Doesn’t there need to be an ultimate observer?

The container?

The thing the Universe is banging into?

The source ?

Pockets of source floating in a sea of source oscilating light through spacetime between us 

…creating consciousness 

I can’t say I understand it all but there are glaring holes and limitations to newtons scientific method which completely do not take into account the uniqueness of individual perspectives how attributes related to that change the state of the reality or spacetime itself.


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