Go Up – Are Black holes Gravity that trapped itself?

If all matter is light oscilation and all light oscilation creates gravity and gravity pulls spacetime or creates motion (time is motion of light per unit universe of spacetime (spacetime is related to reality and perspective

True Universe has nothing to do with perspective as perspective is evolving until we gain enough knowledge for it to be equal.

More to edit later:

towards the localized point in spacetime to self realize, than wouldn’t black holes be a collectively realized point that forgot to go above and beyond? 

If black holes are a trap and we would know that, why would we still have gravity? Why would gravity be trusted if we know black holes exist and Black holes are trapped ?

What is behind the gravity and why doesn’t it want to come out ?

Does it need to allow for an anti gravity moment to exist ? Would it then cease to keep pulling us into the realization of it (the preset moment) and …

Wouldn’t we  …



Isn’t it black hole or collective universal ascension?

The oscilating light that is us would still pull this universe as we would ascend

Perhaps it creates an anti gravity so strong,

It would free all black holes and the universe itself would ascend into a higher realm.

The universe that humans are a part of in 2015 July has not been collectively realized from our point of view.

We actually still live on a planet that hasn’t locally self realized. (No Peace)

If we locally realize but somehow do not think about ascending above and beyond planteray enlightenment I believe we would black hole.

Go up.

Remember to go Up


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