rules, Laws and assumptions

rule 1:

the same physical rules of consciousness apply to the internal spacetime as they do to the external 

11) high Frequnecy Oscilations of thought within spacetime have physically noticeable effects on the spacetime surrounding that oscillator 

Rule 2

The same laws govern all space time. 

Internal and external are just different perspectives of the same Light.

We may be the Light understanding itself through different frames of reference.

The oscilation of light between your neurons is the same concept as the light oscilating between us or the sun and us or the light bulb and us or the Suns glare off the moon and us, or a fire place and us or each other and us…

you get the picture.

Universal Law 1: The oscilation of light within spacetime creates consciousness.

Raising our collective consciousness level

The better we share collectively , the higher we can raise the frequency of our collective Conciousness and experience.

Individually, the more honest you are with yourself, the more open you are to where your ideas might take you and the more trusting you are of the whole experience –> the higher your thought oscilation , the higher the quality of your reality.

Trust, it’s worth it.


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  1. So awareness equals creativity, too?

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