If you get the tone right …

Ultimately we want impact.

Large contributionary effect.



But if you get the tone right, the power takes care of itself.

The right frequency resonates by and wide. Initial power is a near negligible factor.

Also, it requires less energy to operate at an optimal level than it does to keep focusing on the distractions that are holding you back from it.

You need to let go a little. Not completely but enough for you to eliminate unnecessary toxic anxious thoughts that are clogging your reality perception.

Stop always believing things need to be a certain way and the beauty of how it already is will reveal itself to you.

In letting go you allow your optimal frequency to come towards you, and the machine that is you will produce at a higher quality.

A more in tune hum.

Your experience itself will be of higher quality as well.

Remember: It requires more effort to believe the lies than it does to simply be the truth.

Become the path itself. It is already here.


One comment

  1. This is one of my favorites, and it fits exactly where I am. Thanks.

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